Your view of Crannoch

The answers you give on this form will be kept safely and privately by Crannoch. Crannoch will only pass on information if you tell us someone is hurting you, or you have hurt someone else, and no one knows yet. Your answers will be used along with everyone else's to understand what people think of Crannoch, and help Crannoch do things better

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For the questions below, please tick the box which applies most

1. Are you (tick one box)

2. How old are you? (please tick one)

3. Choose the time which best describes your length of stay in Crannoch

4. Did you receive clear information about why you are/were staying there?

5. Do/did you feel safe while staying in Crannoch?

6. Do/did the staff respect your privacy while living in Crannoch?

7. In terms of 1-6, please rate the activities you do or did with Crannoch (1 being the lowest and 6 the highest)

8. When you need(ed) to talk with your worker in private, are/were the places available private enough?

9. Do you think that the Crannoch Workers expect/ed too much?

10. Are/were the workers helpful?

12. Have you, or did you ever ask Crannoch for help with something and not got it?

14. If you are/were unhappy with the Crannoch Service or one of the Crannoch Workers, who would you talk to? (please tick as many as apply)

16. Do you know about the Crannoch complaints leaflet?

17. Do/did Crannoch workers do what they said they will/would do?

18. Do/did Crannoch Workers communicate in an understandable way?

19. Do/did Crannoch Workers understand how you feel/felt?

That’s all. Thanks for answering the questions!


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