What Services do we Provide?

Crannoch is registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide residential care for up to 6 young people.  Led by Maggie, Team Crannoch works alongside the young people, aged between 8 to 19, to support them to develop positive relationships built on trust.  Each will have his or her own needs which have developed as a result of their life experiences.  

Most of them will have experienced a number of placements prior to coming to live in Crannoch and have a sense of failure, rejection and loss.   We help then to gain a sense of belonging by providing homely surroundings and encouraging them to participate in all decisions made in relation to their life in Crannoch.  This includes the food they eat, the clothes they wear, how their rooms are decorated and activities in which they participate.

Their length of stay will be determined by their individual needs and we will endeavour to facilitate one of the following:

  • Return home
  • A placement with family or friends
  • Supported accommodation
  • Living independently in the community

How We Meet the Needs of Young People 

The needs of the young people are paramount and each one will be consulted in relation to all aspects of life in the house with their views being taken into account in all decisions that are taken about them.

Each young person has a Personal Plan designed to meet his or her individual needs.  This will include the use of appropriate interventions and theories as required, for example,  Anger Management, Attachment Theory and Trauma Theory.  There will also be opportunities for young people to have therapeutic input from appropriate community based professionals, such as Play Therapists, to assist them work through their difficulties.

While they are living with us, young people will be supported to build their confidence and self esteem through the opportunity to learn a variety of skills. These vary from use of the internet (regulated) to budgeting and cooking for themselves.  They will be encouraged and supported to join new clubs, or continue with clubs in which they are already members.  they will also be supported and encouraged to participate in activities as part of his or her care plan. 

We take the support of young people very seriously, and there are a minimum of 3 members of staff on duty.  A Senior Member of staff is available every day and On Call support is available at evenings and weekends.  Staff are available to support young people at all times including during the night when staff carry out sleeping in duties. 

In order to ensure young people are not isolated from their own family and community, we are proactive in facilitating contact with parents or significant others where this is deemed appropriate.  Staff will work together with Social Workers and other professionals involved with the young person to ensure the young person’s views are heard and everyone is working together to the same plan, prioritising the needs of the child.

Managing difficult behaviour appropriately is one of our priorities.  It is our belief that physical restraint is emotionally damaging and may perpetuate many of the traumas young people could have experienced throughout their childhood.  As a result, it is our policy to manage challenging behaviour without the use of physical restraint whenever possible.  Staff are trained in techniques which will provide them with the skills to de-escalate potentially difficult behaviour at an early stage.  This will prevent a crisis situation developing and ensure the safety of both the young people and staff while safeguarding their emotional well-being.


The House

Crannoch is a large house divided in two specific areas.  One part is the living area for up to 5 young people in medium to long term placements and the other is for 2 young people.  Both parts of the house are suitable for wheelchair users.

As well as each young person having their own bedroom they will have access to a variety of other rooms for relaxing, watching television / DVD’s, doing homework , participating in arts and crafts and for private space to receive visitors.  We also have a chill out room where young people can unwind and have some time away from the larger group at a time of crisis.  


Within the house there are a variety of pastimes available including building jigsaws, reading, board games, arts & crafts and electronic / video games.  Qualified workers will be available to introduce young people to the countryside and provide them with the experience of discovering Scotland’s hills, (within the parameters of the Outdoor Activities Guidelines).  A qualified Therapist visits and Young People are able to have a massage or learn about Relaxation Techniques to help them to deal with stress.

Living with us - Participation

We have created a warm and homely environment where there is an atmosphere of mutual respect and where young people can make informed choices about how they live.  They are involved in menu planning, what they wear and from the moment they arrive at Crannoch they are encouraged to take a large part in deciding how their room will be decorated as well as activities in which they will participate.  Star Awards are presented to young people for their achievements.


Young people will be involved in attending house meetings.  These allow them to make an input in the running of the house and improving the service provided, as well as addressing any issues that might be around for them.

The aim of Crannoch Residential Child Care Resource is to provide the highest standard of Care for young people within a homely, nurturing and safe environment where they will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to improve their lives both physically and emotionally and allow them to meet their full potential in an atmosphere of mutual value and respect.

Maggie Durning

Managing Director

May 2018


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