More Information for Families

Visits to Crannoch 
All contact between yourself and your child will take place in line with agreements made at Planning Meetings, LAC Reviews and Hearings.  You will always be made welcome when you visit Crannoch and where it is permitted you will be able to visit your child in private.
House Rules  
1.   Young people and adults will treat each other with respect
2.   Mobile phones are locked in the office overnight to be charged
3.   Young people are not allowed to have chargers in their bedrooms overnight
4.   No smoking permitted in the house

Pocket Money

Your child will receive pocket money and the amount is determined by his or her age.  Young people can spend their money as they wish as long as they do misuse it.  If it is misused then spending will be supervised by an adult.  They are given their pocket money on a Friday and are encouraged to save some.  We keep records of all the money they have.

Your child will be able to choose their own toiletries such as wipes, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorants.  A small selection of these are stored in the house to ensure that there is never a time when young people do without.


Your child will attend school or college and we will work closely with Social Work and the Education Services to make sure that your child is appropriately educated.  We will make sure that your child has appropriate clothing and the necessary gym kit and equipment they require for school.  If your child is unable to attend school we will ensure that they have school work to do during the day.
An allowance is allocated for clothing to ensure that every young person has sufficient clothes for school/college, day to day wear and activities.

Your child will be encouraged and supported to participate in activities and money is made available for them to try new sports or hobbies.  Some of the activities young people participate in can be seen if you click on the star below.
Fresh food is purchased weekly from local shops and supermarkets.  Our menus are planned and made up by the children with the support of the staff and the cook.  Young people often help in food preparation while supervised by staff.  We aim to provide a nutritious, healthy diet using quality ingredients.

If you have any complaints about Crannoch you can contact one of the following;

The Owner,  Maggie Durning,
01592 786718

Care Inspectorate, 0845 6009527

Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)
0345 60 30 891
Your allocated Social Worker

If you prefer to write to us click the yellow Contact Us note opposite to send us an email with feedback, your concerns or suggestions to improve our services.


Click HERE to find out how to complain to the Care Inspectorate

Click HERE to find out how to complain 
to the SSSC

Click above to send us one of your ideas or suggestions to help us improve the service we provide

We would love to get some feedback from you about the service we provide in Crannoch.  This includes any ideas you may have to improve what we already do.  So, send us an email using the yellow "post it"  above with your idea or suggestion.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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