Information for Social Workers

Crannoch Residential Child Care Resource was established in 2010 to provide medium and long term high quality care to young people between the ages of 8-19 years.  The young people we work with have considerable needs resulting from trauma, neglect and often abuse, both physical and sexual. This has  resulted in them being unable to remain at home.

In order to ensure young people are not isolated from their own family and community, the team is proactive in facilitating contact with parents or significant others, where this is deemed appropriate. They work in partnership with Social Workers and other professionals involved with the young person to ensure the young person’s needs are met.  Personal Plans are developed which take account of the child's past experiences and present situation.

The needs of the young people are paramount and they are consulted in relation to all aspects of life in the house with their views being taken into account in all decisions that are made about them. Their length of stay is determined by their individual needs and we will then endeavour to facilitate one of the following;
  • return home
  • placement with family, friends or foster carers
  • supported accommodation
  • living independently in the community

If you have any concerns or suggestions about how life can be made better for young people in Crannoch, please click on the yellow Contact Us Post It below to send an email with your comments.

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