The aim of Crannoch Residential Child Care Resource is to provide the highest standard of Care for young people within a homely, nurturing and safe environment, where they will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to improve their lives, both physically and emotionally, and allow them to meet their full potential in an atmosphere of mutual value and respect.

On your child's admission to Crannoch, staff will spend time with your child to find out his or her likes and dislikes with regard to food and activities.  We will draw up an inventory of their clothes and personal possessions that they have brought with them, and find out the hobbies they may have.

    • Your child will have his or her own bedroom
    • They can bring personal items from home to decorate it
    • They will be able to choose colour schemes and we will arrange for the room to be decorated



    The Sitting Room

    Each young person has a key worker who works in conjunction with the rest of the team to ensure that your child has adequate clothing.  They also write reports for meetings and will keep you up to date with your child’s progress.

    • They will be given a lockable box where they can keep things safe.
    • Your child will be supported to decorate his or her bedroom with posters or pictures.
    • They will have their own bed covers and towels.

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