Admission Policy

Referrals will be made by Local Authorities and will be considered by the management team. A risk assessment will be carried out to consider the appropriateness of the referral and once it is agreed that the young person should be admitted a planning meeting will be scheduled which includes the young person, his or her social worker, family members, representatives from education, other professionals who may be involved with the young person and representatives from “Who Cares?” or “Children’s Rights” organisations. This will clarify the plan for admission and timescales along with long term goals for the young person as well as education arrangements, family contact, activities and outings and ongoing links with the community (including ongoing contact with friends and or clubs). 

Ideally the young person will be admitted on a planned basis over a period of seven to ten days. However, it is acknowledged that there may be occasions when young people who have been assessed as meeting the criteria for the house will require to be admitted on an emergency basis.

Admission Criteria

The young person must be:

  • Aged between 8 years and 19 years.
  • Have access to education, college or a work placement and with support be able to attend the particular establishment.
  • Have an allocated Social Worker 
  • Be able to live in a group living situation
  • Be able to live in the community.

You can obtain further information by sending an email to:

More Information for Social Workers:

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